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The Wine

Pezzato showcases the best of what Napa Valley has to offer: Cabernet Sauvignon. With such a small production, we can’t risk flaws in our execution. Michael maintains a singular focus on the wines, judiciously selecting vineyards, sourcing tightly-allocated barrels from highly-regarded coopers and directing all aspects of winegrowing, from pruning through harvest.


2021 Pezzato Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon On the nose, aromas of cherry give way to pencil shavings, graphite and anise. Tannins are well in-check and the wine coats your mouth with a velvety suppleness. Red, bordering on dark red, flavors of dried cherries and plum are well-interspersed with dark chocolate. A long juicy finish lingers on the palate for what seems like an eternity.

“A wine that just about always makes the “best wine at the price” category…”

2021 Pezzato I Nonni Cabernet Sauvignon The 2021 I Nonni is on a different level than the Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Aromas of rhubarb and oxblood give way to brambles and cloves. There’s even a forest floor quality that gives some spiciness to the nose. Flavors of dried cherries, cloves and dark cocoa are surrounded by firm tannins, which create a structure that is serious yet approachable on the palate. The finish is incredibly long, punctuated by the firm in-check tannins.

“The 2021 I Nonni Cabernet Sauvignon is a different beast [than the 2021 Napa Valley] and is a tiny selection made in the cellar…this is legit great juice.”


2019 Pezzato Cabernet Sauvignon This wine has a great freshness and vibrancy. On the nose, aromas of juicy strawberries and dried cherries give way to graphite and dark chocolate shavings. As you sip, the velvety tannin structure gently coats your mouth in a supple and enticing way providing a great mid-palate richness that is not overly harsh. There is a stone fruit quality on the palate that gives way to a mix of cassis, pencil shavings and cedar. The finish is framed by nicely in-check tannins that grip the back of your mouth for an extended period of time.

“'s full-bodied, with an elegant, seamless texture and terrific tannins. It’s another impressive, singular wine from Michael Savaiano that’s well worth seeking out.”


2018 Pezzato Cabernet Sauvignon Our inaugural release exceeded all of our expectations. Aromas of crushed rock, dried tobacco leaf and rhubarb fill your glass. The interplay of fresh acidity and supple tannins coats your palate from start to finish with the weight and depth you expect from an opulent Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. The finish is impressive, lingering far longer than you may allow before taking a second sip.